Saturday, March 12, 2011

Track Lights

Today my dh put in my track lights. I don't have a really good pic of them as the pic looks blurry, but I'll try and take a better one later. I like them , but they are not bright enough using 60 watt bulbs. I will have to most likely put in 100 watt bulbs. I think after that, I will be set to go for lighting. I like the fact you can move them around if you need to.

Yea, not a good pic of them, so I will have to get another one.

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  1. See if you find "daylight bulbs" perhaps at Lowes. I switched from track lights to florescent bulbs...but use daylight bulbs in the fixture instead. And, I think they have them in the regular screw in style...but not for sure.
    The light is much more natural and brighter with them.