Saturday, March 5, 2011

My baby is here :)

Our tax check arrived and my hubby took me to the local Janome dealer and bought me a Horizon 7700 QCP. When it came in, I was so excited!! I unpacked it and couldn't wait to get started viewing the videos. There are many videos on the DVD but there are also some really good ones on the Janome Website, so you are never in the dark as to how to operate the machine, nor how to use the many stitches it came with. Here are some pics of it.

Here it is! Still not even out of the plastic yet. I have named her Ethel after my grandmother who used to sew my clothing. I loved her so much and I miss her very much. She died before I started to sew, so she would have been so honored to know I named my precious machine after her. And... if she were living today, what fun her and I could have had on this machine.
 I'm so happy I have it. I've never owned an expensive machine before. Thank you sweet darling husband for this wonderful machine :)

This is the top of the machine. It flips open to reveal all the stitches as well as the thread holder and a compartment for the feet. How neat is that? It has so many many stitches. 

Here is another pic of some of the stitches it has available.

And... the last pic of the remaining stitches.

Taylor is taking a look at the machine here. YES it's really big Taylor...and so different than my Brother 6000ie which I loved, but didn't have enough quilting space.

Here is a pic of the compartment on the bottom of the machine which holds some more feet. Gotta love it!

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