Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Messy Quilt Studio and new Table for my Horizon

So now that I have my new machine, I've had a hard time going into my sewing room to sew. I have bins of fabric everywhere, although you won't see the bins in the pictures, I have since then moved them in there as I prepare to fold each one of my FQ's and my yardage into small like books, with the help of Coroplast material. I seen this done by a lady on "The Quilting Board" and since we run a sign shop, it's easily accessible, but I can tell you it is by far the cheapest thing to use. What I do like about it though is it is very sturdy and you can wrap a lot of fabric around them. Here are some pics of my messy room! I hope it's soon organized so I can get in here and sew. I am missing it so much!  Also some pics of my new table.

See this 4'x8' Table here in my quilting studio? It's just way too big for my room. See under it? I had so many bins of fabric under this table. I know, you might say, out of site, out of mind, but even if I put a small curtain up there, I would still know what a mess it looked like. And... how aggravating it is to go look for fabric. I need to see what I have :)
This room is a complete mess right now. Cleaned the table off cause I am getting a new table for my Janome Horizon 7700QCP and hoping with the new table being smaller and turned a different way, it will look better in the room. 

One of the messy corners in the room.

So messy I have it even coming out the closets :(

Table is finally cleaned off, getting ready for it to be taken out.

Messy Closet!

Another part of the messy closet. See all those bins I have to go through? Some of it though have T-shirts in them, some have crafting items in them from a festival we did... had alot of things left over.

And more boxes and bins

I even have a soap kettle in here and I don't think I've ever used it yet, lol. I will someday though.

Woo Hoo.... a Table top for my Horizon, in the works :)

Working on the drawers to go in the cabinet of my Sewing Table.

Lots of painting going on here :)

This is the base to my cabinet the drawers are gonna fit in to. 

And finally, Ethel has a Table of her own to sit down in :)  Table top is on order.

The new table is turned a different way, I will have room on both sides of this table this time. The measurements on my new table are 3'x6'. See, I already have a mess all over it. It's gonna be like that until I am finished folding fabric.

If you look closely you can see some of the fabric which has been folded to look like books on the shelf. Right now I have alot of things on that shelf which are just sitting there until I figure out what I am going to do with everything.

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