Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm getting a new baby!!!

I'm into my 8th year of quilting. It has gotten to the point where I can't do anything but stipple using my 4.5" throat space on my Brother sewing machine. I had gotten so frustrated and had to do some ripping out cause I messed up my quilt. I had told my husband that if this was how it was gonna be, I'd just as soon pay someone to quilt my quilts. So I left the baby quilt lay there, and also a wall hanging I had done on the 1st of Jan.

A few days ago, we had talked about me trying to get another machine. I had tried for a long arm which wasn't all that expensive but due to some things right now that we can't fix, I was unable to get one. I had tried out a Janome 6600 in the LQS and I really loved it. The price was not too bad either. It had all the bells and whistles on it and it had a 9" throat space. That was pretty good space I thought. But over across the room, there was this beautiful Deep Red Machine that I think when I looked at it, it was "Love at first site"! Ever had that happen to you with a machine? After asking the price, I decided , "it was only a dream". Way more expensive than what I could afford. My husband decided to do some checking around on prices other places, for the same machine. He found a place which offered it cheaper than the place we originally seen it at. He took me to the sewing machine dealer and told me to order it. YAY... it will be in, sometime next week and I am thrilled!

Wanna take a look at it? Here is a review from Leah Day on it. She is an absolute awesome quilter. Make sure you check out her 365 Days of designs she did last year.
Leah Day's Review of the Horizon 7700

Here are some other Videos of the Horizon 7700
And...One more from Janome

I'm so excited about getting this machine. I just know it's gonna make quilting so much more easier :)
Well... I'll write more later, once I get the machine home.