Monday, March 14, 2011

Clay Projects I am working on

I have been taking some Pinch Pot lessons from a lady named Joanna Angel. She is such a talented artist and I've really enjoyed looking at her work. She has some of the prettiest pieces I've ever seen . I so much admire her creative abilities. I did not do so well in her class. The first pot I made turned out terrible and I thought I could have thrown it in the trash, lol.  It was supposed to be a pot... but mine turned out to be a round dish of some sort. I still have to put some final glaze on those two bowls I did with Joanna. So I bought some clay myself so I could play at home.We will be getting our wheel off of layaway in less than 2 weeks now :)  Austin, Taylor and myself made a few things. I made a nice bowl finally. Taylor made a bowl which looked like a trinket box and Austin made a cup and put Joe on the side of it, lol.  We had a great time doing this.

Austins First Clay Project. He really enjoyed it. We watched a video on YouTube to learn how to make a mug. This is his first little bowl as well.  I thought it was funny how he put Joe on the side. He said he was making this for his daddy, lol

This is Taylor's first pinch pot project. She made what I thought looked like a trinket bowl.  She had fun and kept telling me she didn't need anyone to show her how. I told her, oh well... go ahead and make what you want. I think she did a great job!

This is my first pinch pot that I did at home. Took lessons and made two there and this one here at home. This one turned out so much better than the rest. So much fun.

My first Mug, done from watching the YouTube video. This was alot of fun to do. 

This is Chris's first clay project. You couldn't show him how to do anything either. The first thing he said  was (when I was trying to show him how to make a pinch pot) "I don't need you to tell me how to make a pot, I know how to". So much for me taking classes and showing my family huh? lol So this is what he made. Turned out great! 

Here is my bowl after I put the red under glaze on the outside, although it looks pink!  I also added black dots to it. 

Another pic of the bowl... here I added a green under glaze to it

As you can see, I have no underglaze inside yet,

This is after I added the black under glaze to the bowl. 

Closeup of the bowl after putting on black under glaze.

By now, I surely have enough under glaze colors, don't you think? lol

But.... I didn't quit... and here is my final under glazing. It's ready for it's first firing. I'm hoping I did everything right. Stay tuned, lol

And here is the Vase I made 2 nights ago.

After it dried a little bit, I took this heart button I had and I pressed the button into my clay vase. I can't wait to put under glaze on the hearts and then I will fire it and add more underglaze and fire it and then put the final over glaze on it. It should turn out pretty.  Stay tuned! 

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  1. Hey gal! Thanks for posting your blog link on facebook so I could find you! Looks like you are having a grand ole time with your clay!