Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On with the organizing

So... I got my new Janome Horizon 7700 QCP the end of January. I have made one thing using my machine since.... cause I had this bright idea to organize my new quilt room and put myself on restriction until I get it done. Well... ok... that's been so hard for me. I'm still not finished and it's already the end of March!  I still have a big bin of Batiks to fold over those coroplast boards.... and lets not talk about the closet... but that's not just fabrics.. I have a few bins in there with festival things in it. So, maybe I will get to the end of my folding very soon. I am sure hoping so! I've emptied about 5 bins so far.

So lets take a peek at what's been done since I last updated yall!
Here is the FQ Shelf and it's so full, I can't get another on the shelf.

And here is my new ironing table. My husband made me this very pretty ironing board. I'm all set for an ironing station now.

And all the tools will be located just above the ironing station. 
Oh and nevermind the wires coming from the little shelf there. My Router happens to be in my room, so I had to put it somewhere.

And here is my CQ Bins... full of lace, ribbon etc...

Room is a wreck as you can see.... Still on restriction!!! lol

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