Sunday, March 20, 2011

Had to buy another shelving unit

Started filling up my other shelf and decided since these things are so cheap, I just as well buy another one. So I did. And today, instead of asking my husband to put it together, guess who did it? ME! I was so proud I was able to follow directions and do it. Although the directions said it would take only an hour to do this, it must have taken me at least 3. But who's counting right? lol

 Here is what it looks like! Well, here is the pic of it on the box, lol.

And here is a pic of the unit as I'm putting it together. Boy I learned how to take out these screws like I use a seam ripper to take out quilt stitches, LOL.

And here it is! Sorta dark, but I'll post more once I get the room pretty much done.

Here is my Peg Board with a bunch of my rulers on it. I actually found more tonight.... I'll either keep those in a drawer or I will find a place on this peg board for them. 
Chris also got my drawers fixed today with the exception of putting knobs on. 

I'm still not finished folding fabric. Ran out of coroplast again. We'll order more on Monday. Boy this has become expensive... but I am doing it along and along like I said cause I wouldn't be able to afford it. I still need to make curtains, or a cornice for the window, make a border in red, white and black out of vinyl to put on, and... finish folding fabric!!! Can't wait till it's done!

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