Saturday, February 20, 2010

My FireStorm Quilt

I decided to put my Firstorm Quilt on here and wanted to post my story to the quilt. I was featurned on MaryJo's Cloth Store Blog so you can go read it if you'd like to. A few of the fabrics were also bought from People Places and Quilts in Summerville, SC in order for me to finish up my quilt. I just shipped it off to Margaret Gunn, a professional quilter in Maine who is purchasing the variegated thread for the quilt right now. I'll have to show you some pics of the quilt and the backing I chose for it. Margaret does some of the best work I have to say I have seen yet. I'm excited about her doing it for me. If you get a chance, hop on over to her blog and look at her intricate designs. You will be in awe of her beautiful style.

So here we go.....
This quilt was started after a lady on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Board that I frequent, posted a link to a Mystery Quilt Challenge which was going on, on Jan 1st, 2010 at Planet Patchwork . I got just about to the end of the challenge and decided I would just make mine larger. I was not sure how much larger I wanted to make it, but I wanted it to be a quilt for my husband and I since we didn't own one. So, the real challenge for me began. The Quilt finished at 89"X103".  It will fit nicely on my queen bed, IF/WHEN we ever get the smoke out of the frame. I think the mattresses are lost due to smoke damage but we'll have to see about that soon.

Here is a pic of my family holding up the Quilt. We were there at the gym for Homeschool Day and we got someone to take the pics for us.
This quilt was alot of fun to make and I someday hope to make another one from this pattern, The pattern was simple and the batiks certainly made it beautiful. From the story on the quilt, you can see, I waited a very long time to finally use the fabrics. One thing I can say. I will never hold on to something that long again. Those batiks could have been burn't up and no-one would have profited from the fabric. I'd rather give it away than lose it all. I am hoping once the quilt is quilted and I get it back, I can put it in some shows. I do want to enter it in the local Fair when it comes back this year. That's a little ways off for now but at least it will be ready to do.

Here is a  picture of me with the quilt. 

Here is another which looks 3D to me

Here is a pic of the borders

Here is another one of the  quilt

Here is another pic of the borders.

Here is a pic of the bottom of the quilt.

Here is the backing I chose for the quilt

I will be posting more pics once I get some. Margaret will be sending me some samples of some quilting to choose from. This will be one quilt I am so very proud of!

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